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God’s Leg Collection


God's got a leg collection
It's grown over time
Been collecting legs for years now
Along the Rhine

God's got a leg collection
Some from the Barbary Coast
Walking the plank with Jack Ward's ghost Continue reading God’s Leg Collection

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The Ignorance of CNBC’s Michelle Caruso-Cabrerra


Speaking from Greece this morning, Michelle Caruso-Cabrerra, much like many of today's under educated journalists misspoke using imprecise language when describing the ongoing Greek financial crisis.

She was relaying a story from an interview she conducted with a Greek clothing manufacturer and at the end of the interview as she was passing the microphone back to David Faber at Squawk on The Street she stated that an LC is a Letter of Credit and is like Factoring or that sort of thing.


A Letter of Credit has nothing to do with Factoring!

No wonder Americans continue to be dumbed down.  Listen to CNBC long enough and one will end up with all sorts of misconceptions about the economy and markets.

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CNBC Mouthpieces Badger Dale Earnhardt Jr. Over Rebel Flag at NASCAR Events

Dale Earnhardt

CNBC Carpetbagging Yellow Journalists continued their Holy War against Southern Culture this morning by having Joe Kernen badger Dale Earnhardt Jr. over the rebel flags that fans fly at NASCAR events.

Who gives a shit Joe?

What we want to know is, where in the hell did you get that toupee?  Have Mercy!  And why hasn't CNBC put you out to pasture?  You produce more bullshit than most southern farms, so why not become a Yankee farmer and take up the plow?  Then you and Rachel Maddow from MSNBC can have a gay ole time exploring Prime Time Jewish sheep dip.

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Want a War, vote Republican, Want Sheep, Vote Democrat


Americans have a clear choice for the 2016 Presidential Race.

If one desires another war and the privilege of donating one of their children's limbs to God's notorious leg collection, then voting Republican should fulfill that promise.

Should one desire the right to copulate with sheep in public without fear of being tossed in the hooch, then it is recommended that one vote Democrat.

The facts:

  • The GOP candidates have all but telegraphed their desire to start another war.   This is made clear nearly every time one of the candidates opens his mouth.
  • The Democratic candidates are gushing over the liberal homosexuality push and some have vowed to now push for the legalization of both pedophilia and bestiality.
  • Hollywood and the mainstream media is neutral in this debate.  Matter of fact, the mainstream media is pushing for war, pedophilia and bestiality.
  • Jeb Bush admits to having fondled his dog's testicles when a boy while brother George egged him on.
  • Hillary Clinton admits to having strangled her pet cat while having Bill Clinton film the event as she masturbated with Kiss's Rock and Roll All Nite blaring in the background.

Welcome to the New World Order America!

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