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U.S. and British Involvement in Syria: Truth, Reality & Diplomatic Fiction


I am going to share with you a history lesson of U.S. involvement in Syria and then show you some disturbing photos that depict the gruesome results of your tax dollars at work on behalf of the war mongering and greedy corporate interests running our government.  The Syrian Regime of Hasan may be a cruel dictatorship to its internal enemies, but that did not stop western corporate interests from profiting off the regime.  And once we begin meddling in the internal affairs of such nations, you can be rest assured that the body count will skyrocket and much of the killing will be done with U.S. weapons or weapons purchased with U.S. Tax Dollars.  This is now the case in Syria.  As you will see in the photos at the end of this article, violence breeds more violence in such conflicts and the end result is unspeakable cruelty and more violence.  

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The Militia Man’s Bible

the militia mans bible

The Militia Man’s Bible is a comprehensive set of authoritative training documents compiled by Jack Holland on a wide variety of subject matter of interest to free men everywhere.

The first release is Hippocrates – or The Militia Man’s Bible – Part I – Medical & Survival

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Wes Davey – Roadhouse Blues

Stop (400 x 600)

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Albert Einstein, Barack Obama, Gertrude Stein, and the Nobel Prize Myth

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel

An Excerpt from Yemen False Flag Operation by Jack Holland

Over the years, much has been made about Albert Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity or STR as it is abbreviated by quantum scientists.

But not much has been made of the fact that he had an incestuous relationship with his first cousin Elsa Einstein who was already an Einstein prior to marrying Albert. (Elsa’s mother was the sister of his mother and her father the first cousin of Albert’s father). In fact, Albert would later marry Elsa. During the tumultuous months leading up to the breakup and subsequent divorce from his first wife Marić, Albert treated her like a maid-servant by making chauvinistic demands worthy of a Teutonic king or an observant Islamic militant. According to biographer Walter Isaacson, the following are the actual written terms that Einstein dictated to his wife and by which she agreed so as to keep face within their Berlin community, while struggling to make sense of Einstein’s infidelity:

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