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God’s Leg Collection


God's got a leg collection
It's grown over time
Been collecting legs for years now
Along the Rhine

God's got a leg collection
Some from the Barbary Coast
Walking the plank with Jack Ward's ghost Continue reading God’s Leg Collection

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Jeb Bush’s Secret

Six Shooter

Republican Presidential hopeful Jeb Bush has a secret, and no, it's not an Argentinian mistress.

What Jeb would rather America not know about him is that he has the rare condition of being Polydactyly.

In layman's terms:  Jeb Bush has six toes on his left foot!

During his youth, Jeb's father, ex-President George H.W. Bush, affectionately called Jeb "my little six shooter" back at the family compound in Texas.

Now you know.


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What’s Really Behind the Justice Department’s FIFA Raid

For the Good of the Game (600 x 439)

Thousands of out of work American taxpayers are scratching their heads today and asking what the heck?  Why is my government wasting my hard earned dollars prosecuting foreign criminals?   Why doesn't Attorney General Lynch raid Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and a few other banks and haul in a few bankers?

Mega sports venues such as FIFA's World Cup, which is held every four years, are cash cows and can accrue millions of dollars in cash benefits to those involved, from construction firms to vendors to major news outlets that charge exorbitant advertising fees and to local governments that host the events.

With the Hispanic population growing in America, soccer will soon have a larger audience than the NFL.  It is a numbers game and you can bet your bottom dollar that the U.S. Government's motivation is not morally driven in order eradicate world corruption, but rather it has to do with U.S. businessmen and news organizations pushing our government to help them gain a foothold so to speak in the organization in order to get a piece of the action.   This is about economics, not gang busting.

The writing is on the wall and the Feds just telegraphed their intentions.


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The Grand Delusion


Daniel Ek, CEO of Spotify, claims that nearly everybody around the world will have a smart phone.

I have my doubts. I have one, but do not use data. I don't text and rarely make a phone call.

He may be correct however when it comes to the dumbed-down millennials, you know the ones...yes the ill-mannered brats who have been receiving two trophies per year ever since entering kindergarten and believe lollipops on a screenshot taste better than the real thing.

Perhaps one day some will wake up and realize they have been sold a bill of goods—a tiny screen that cost them $600 when they could in fact be enjoying video on a 17" laptop screen, or 27" PC screen, at a cost under $300.

Daniel Ek assumes a lot. EK believes folks will pay $9.99 per month to use their services. Taylor Swift doesn't think so, at least not if the artists are not properly compensated for their services. I don't use Spotify and neither do millions of other Baby-boomers.  Most never will.

Wall Street has cleverly created another bubble market with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and CookieMonster Premium.  And they seem to be just getting warmed up.  Look for more Tulip IPOs coming your way soon.

There are only two ways for most of these internet based companies to monetize; ad revenues and/or subscription services.

This is The Grand Delusion as it has already been proven that 36% of ad revenues spent on such platforms to include Yahoo, Google and YouTube is wasted money as much of the traffic is created by robots and not real people. Add to that the fact that most intelligent people simply filter out the ads or click on the opt out buttons, or use pop-up blockers or as in the case of YouTube hit the button that makes the annoying ads disappear as quickly as possible.  Click here to read a Wall Street Journal article entitled A 'Crisis' in Online Ads: One-Third of Traffic Is Bogus - As Digital Advertising Climbs Toward $50 Billion This Year, Marketers Battle Fraudulent Visitors.

This article points out that corporations are losing confidence in the system due to this fraud and many corporations are now demanding clauses be put in their ad contracts that allow them to be compensated should fraud be discovered in the mix.

My view is that the fraud will get worse as more bubble IPOs come to market.   The fact is most of these companies have little in the way of legitimate and growing revenue and some, such as Twitter, have no growth at all.  From a financial analysis perspective, Facebook's metrics are worse than most utility companies.  Twitter is even worse. Twitter has a profit margin of -38.27%, an operating margin of -35.01%.

Welcome to The Grand Delusion!

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